Thursday, September 28, 2017

Never too late to restart it again.💕

"The thought that i thought never been taught by anyone". -maa

Dear moon, by the time i learn how does life looks like... I've found that so much beautiful things that i never thought i would go through. Yes, too much to go thru. It's hard to get attached after gone thru so much hardship. It's hard to trust after been cheated and lose hope. It's hard to let the same thing happened again and again.

I learn how to stand up all over again after i fall so hard.
I learn how to deal with stress after i can't accept the truth.
I learn how to let go something that aren't mine just to satisfy people.
And the most important thing, i learn how to accept "you" after what i gone through few years ago.

Knowing you is one of the best thing in my life.
I never thought that i could know you for this long.
I never thought that both of us could gone through everything together.
We fight for our satisfaction just to satisfy both parties.
We learn how to accept both flaws since we know our weakness.
We play and work hard together bcs both of us have goals need to achieve.

We spread loves, laughing for stupid jokes, hurt each other, got mad, cry all over little tiny mistakes, run away from each other.. but still, we end up to accept the truth and never stop to learn and restart it all over again.

Sometimes, it's hard to explain how does my feeling towards you but i promise you... it is real.

Your crybabygirl.

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