Thursday, September 7, 2017

R.I.P. AK 5414

Dear moon,
It's hard to believe what had happened to my life just now. I wouldn't blame anyone bcs im the one who should be blamed. I can't describe my feeling right now but im very sure that im seriously not okay and will never be okay until i safely arrived my destination. So many obstacles that i gotta go through. Ya, can't deny anymore how much trouble that i caused to myself when i was alone. And from here, I've found that i can't live alone. Like seriously. I need someone to look after me, tell me what to do next and guide me all the way from A to Z.

Moon, sometimes i feel like a crybaby bcs I've spend most of my time to cry lol. When im mad, i end up crying. When im sad, for sure I'll end up cry too. When im at my lowest point, and cry again. Even when im too happy i could also cry.

Im writing this bcs im trying to make myself chill and forget about all of the worries that just happened less than one hour ago. How can i be so clueless and don't even try to think it once to ask the counter 😥 and im seriously pissed off bcs of my own mistakes.

But still, no matter how hard i gone through this hardship... i know that this is the best for me. Be grateful dearself. You're strong enough to go through this hardship and be grateful bcs you're the chosen one. Yes, bcs no one could gain this unexpected experience in life. And from this unexpected experience, trust yourself and promise yourself that you wouldn't repeat it again. Lesson learned.

"Allah ada dengan orang orang yang sabar".

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