Saturday, March 19, 2016

That Thought.

Have you ever thought of leaving someone that you loves?
Yaa, well if you have that kind of thought think twice bfore you start it.
It may not hurt you, but it may hurt people that loves you.

Have you ever thought of helping your loves one?
And yet, they don't even appreciate it and even repay you with a piece of shit?
If you do, then leave them alone.
They just don't deserve your present.

Have you ever feel like giving up on something that you've been try so hard for a long time?
So well, if you do... think about it again
Try to imagine your parents face.
How disappointed they will be.

Try and think about it first

Everything that happened in our life have their own reasons.
All you have to do is start thinking what's the pros and cons of doing those.
You might that it just a lil thing.
But just remember, that this lil thing might ruin your precious future.

Yaa future.

By the right time has come, you'll see.

So dear-self, stop complaining, and start moving.
Leave bad things behind you, and never look for it anymore.


goodnight! x

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