Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Best Version of You.

I am the happiest girl ever that has grown up a lot from my past life.

But HOW? and WHY?

It comes when you put your smile on your face
It's like you telling everyone how happy you are
And everytime you put the smile
My heart hitting me so fast! Like i can't breath.

It comes when you talk with me endlessly
By telling me, "only you know about this&that"
It's makes me feels like i'm the only one who knows everything about you
I kept the secret, lock my mouth and shut the secret into my mind.

It comes when you hit my phone's screen with something like...
"Good morning pretty" 
"Hello, my love"
"Let's meet"
My heart can jump out of the window
Smiling endlessly
Like my mumsie thought i'm craziest daughter hiks.

It comes when you suddenly come from my back
Close my eyes with your big hand
Ask me, "cuba teka siapa"
I overjoy and shout, "it's charlie!"
Every moment when you surprised me, i feel i'm into you.

It comes when i started open my heart
Welcoming you into my life
Tell my parents about you
Be with you wherever i am

Every single moment had begin when the fiirst time i saw "The Best Version of You".

It started when...

You hide nothing from me 
Remind me that i'm safe when i'm with you
Doing something stupid just to protect me
Pick me up when i was down
Run to the mall just to pick the stuff that i've left
Scold me just bcs i don't want to take the medicine
Call me in the morning so i won't left by the bus

The Best Version of You changed me a lot
Bcs having you in my life is like having a superb guy that i ever met.

Thankyouu for comming and you're unwelcome for leaving.

goodnight! x

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