Thursday, July 6, 2017

Study! Studyy! Studyyy!

"when you feel low, get up and face the reality bcs no one is going to pick you up unless you, yourself grab yourself and start it over again".
-maa, 2017

Assalamualaikum & hi readers!

It's been so long since i left my blogging life. I'm not missing to write or what but somehow i just need some space to speak up my mind. Yes, my mind that full of scars from past but getting heal day by day. 

So, i begin my story with a quote that written by myself or maybe there's someone else who had written it but still, i made the sentence that used to relate my precious life. Well, now my point is.... 

have you ever been through your lowest point in life?

Here the story, based on my past notes that i've written in my unprivate diary which some i've hidden it for some reasons... i've been through the most tragic hectic life which i lost my own best friend and the one that i love the most when i was in from 5 on July, 2014. I don't know how lowest i was on that time and it was the first & last time that i'm gonna make myself been through it. So what do i make to not let myself feel low again? Here some notes;

1. Study
2. Study
3. Study
4. Study 
. . .

Deer peeps,
Why do you have to put the burden on yourself and ruin your precious life just bcs of stupidity thinggyyysz?

Don't waste your entire lifetime just bcs of your past.
Don't blame yourself of what had happened in your life
Don't keep the dark sight deep down inside your glory mind
Don't let your precious life gone just bcs of . . . .

You know one thing that my parents teach me? Once ibu said, "kalau bukan awak yang ubah hidup awak, then siapa lagi?".  Ibu used to be my fav counsellor and best friend that i ever have till now and ayah? Well, ayah is the one who thought me a lot about how to be "real human". Like srsly, ayah really reallyyyy thought me a lot on how to be a real human or else i am not me right now hehe.

So back to my main point, for those who been through those hard time during your "study's life", to back to your reality is... keep study and never stop finding "ILMU". Bcs you know what, with "ilmu" you can change your entire life. If now you're losing your best friend or even boy/girlfriend, show them that you're strong enough to face everything without them. Prove them that they all are such a loser who had let go something that they won't get after this.

So dear,
keep your chin up
face the reality
thow away your dark sight


Even though it's hard as hell, but trust me... that hardest thing in your life will bring up something that you will seriously gonna thank from your past. 

goodnight! x 

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