Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have you ever feel?

Have you ever feel?
Like when you need someone,
But they started moved on.
"without you"

Have you ever feel?
Like you are in a happy situation,
But someone spoil it.
then they "laugh" at you.

Have you ever feel?
Like when you are crying a lot,
But there's no one care.
and say, "it's just a crocodile tears" 

Have you ever feel? 
 Like when you started fight with your bestfrind
Fight for the truth
But they refused
And walked away
And stop talking to you
"Ignored you"


yes, i do.

but all i can do is..
saying i'm sorry.
and wishing "all the best"
for the rest of your entire life.

"without me"

and, may Allah give you happiness always even without me.

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