Thursday, January 9, 2014

He's not a nice guy to me anymore.

Knowing you is the best thing.

He makes me smile at the first time I know him.
He loves to be someone's protector especially me.
He stay with me where ever I am.
He cheer me up when I was feeling down.
He always take care of my heart so I won't hurt.
He told me for not giving up on everything.
He laugh even he's not okay.

But now,
Everything has change.

He won't smile at me anymore when he saw me.
He still loves to be someone's protector but not for me.
He won't stay with me even I'm just infront of him.
He didn't take care of my heart anymore.
He won't laugh like he used to be.

He change.

A lot of changes you've done.

I do.

I do feel hurt with your attitude.

And now.
What I want you to do is...

"Don't you ever asking me why I'm crying a lot until you realize what was your mistakes."

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